Key Benefits Realized at Santé Sunnybrooke in Dollard-Des Ormeaux

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In 2017 we worked hard to create the most patient-centric app for appointment bookings, which we call NAVA MedQ.

It allows patients and clinics to streamline the entire process of booking medical appointments with their doctor and for medical clinics to upgrade their patient workflows and operations. This means not only improved appointment scheduling for patients but significant cost savings for medical clinics and a variety of healthcare settings where appointments occur.

The Future of Healthcare is Patient Centric

As the future of healthcare is emerging that’s geared around the patients, medical apps are improving our lives as citizens in our accessibility to care for those living with chronic health conditions and finding solutions that have a real impact on the patient experience.

At NAVA Technologies we wanted to contribute to this in a way that benefits all parties. In our first pilot at Santé Sunnybrooke, we discovered that not only can this improve patient satisfaction, it can help medical administration teams to automate the non-value added tasks and empower how physicians and health facilities relate to their patients. This has ROI in terms of eliminating inefficiencies and friction in the healthcare journey of patients.

Here we present some of the benefits of our pilot case study:

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  • A 50% reduction in medical appointment no-shows.
  • Medical administration time saved in the area of 50 hours per week.
  • For this particular medical clinic a cost savings of over $100K per year
  • An engaging app that patients responded well towards signifying a real need for this kind of improvement in accessibility.

We want to work with additional clinics and forward-thinking healthcare executives who see the value in our proposition and resonate with our vision. While it’s just the beginning for us, together we can build a solution that will matter in the patient-centric era of healthcare that is quickly coming.


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