Key Benefits of NAVA MedQ Patient Centric Booking for Clinics

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By combining feedback from Healthcare managers, staff, and patients we are busy at work in 2018 to make our app, NAVA MedQ, even better. Over a one-year-long study at a state-of-the-art medical facility in Dollard-des-Ormeaux, we’ve realized many benefits using our app:

  1. Reduction of last minute appointment cancellations and patient no-shows
  2. Improve the workflow and operational efficiencies of the clinic
  3. Improve patient journey experience and increased patient satisfaction
  4. Save valuable time in the medical administration of repetitive tasks
  5. Empower patients to manage appointments remotely via mobile and web applications, and solutions to decreasing the lineups and long waiting time at the clinic.

We help solve and are committed to removing all barriers that stand in the way of a patient-centric healthcare system where improved access and cost reduction can improve all of our lives. We believe remote patient appointment management can help many clinics and automate medical admin tasks while providing unique data to help optimize patient workflows.

Our NAVA MedQ App Improves the Patient Experience with Remote Booking

The NAVA MedQ App improves patient communications and wait time management, all the while supporting and elevating the patient journey. In speaking with dozens of physicians, medical executives and health administration professionals as well as patients, we believe now is the right time to empower patients with mobile health technologies.

As demographic aging is occurring, Healthcare settings can accelerate the adoption of patient-centric tools to help patients manage chronic health conditions that are costly to the system. Remote booking can help also reduce the anxiety of patients in their communications with medical facilities and their staff.

Removing Friction in the Patient Journey

In Canada’s role in the globe, we all have a stake in building a world where continuity, accessibility, and quality of care takes the patient by the hand through the journey while removing as much friction as possible. We are actively working together with all stakeholders to improve access to care. Working together with patients and clinics means deeply understanding the needs of both end users and healthcare professionals.

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