A Simple Solution for Healthcare Professionals

Streamline operations and improve your business processes by using NAVA MedQ. Discover how we can easily automate time-consuming tasks allowing you to focus more on what’s important.

Key Benefits

Save valuable time by automating time consuming tasks

Reduce last minute cancellations and no-shows up to 60%

Gain actionable insights to increase operational efficiencies

Improve and increase patient communication and satisfaction

Empower patients to manage their appointments


Scheduling Simplified

Creating schedules for physicians can be frustrating. Our smart scheduling algorithm allows users to manage complex rules and create schedules for the months ahead in just a matter of seconds.

  • Cut your time spent on scheduling in half

Once a physician schedule is created, managing appointments are easy! Our advanced scheduling system allows you to book, cancel or reschedule an appointment hassle-free.

  • Choose your preferred booking system

Our application can integrate with your EMR using APIs to keep the schedules in sync.


Automated Reminders

By using our advanced management system, you’ll be able to easily automate time-consuming tasks by secretaries, nurses and doctors, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Customize notifications

Notifications can be easily customized to meet the practitioner’s needs. Clinics can also manage the timing of notifications for appointment confirmations and reminders.

  • Easily keep track of appointments

Appointment status is color coded to easily keep track of unconfirmed appointments.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

Our web and mobile application improve patient communications and wait time management creating a delighted patient experience.

  • Patients have options

Patients can choose their preferred method of communication (in-app, email or text message) to confirm appointments.

  • Eliminate frustrated patients and long waiting lines

Using our web or mobile application, patients can self-check in to their appointments eliminating the long line ups and time to check in patients.

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Reach Clinic

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Patient is Checked-In

Patient is Checked-In


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Additional Features

  • Automated patient flow management
  • Easily manage patient waiting list and fill last minute cancellations
  • Track unconfirmed appointments and no-shows
  • Enhance communications by keeping patients informed of practitioners delay
  • Easily clear practitioners calendar and automatically reschedule patient appointments
  • Quickly set-up and manage walk-in/urgent care clinic
  • Use data to improve quality, satisfaction and operational costs
  • Kiosk solution for patient self check-in
  • Website for online bookings