Easily Connect With Medical Clinics

Your simplified patient journey starts with NAVA MedQ. Discover how our web and mobile applications give you easy access to medical clinics and allow you to take control of your appointments instantly.

Key Benefits

Book Online

Book Online

Search, locate and book appointments at affiliated medical clinics

Wait Online

Wait Online

Receive live updates and text notifications of queue status

Arrive On Time

Arrive On Time

NAVA will notify you when it is time to visit the medical clinic

Empowering Patients to Manage their Appointments

  • Convenient

Register, check-in and wait online to avoid the anxiety of long wait times at medical clinics.

  • Fully Digital

Connecting patients and medical clinics using Internet enabled devices.

  • Ease of use

Locate medical clinics, book appointments and wait online. We will inform you when it’s your time to visit the clinic.

  • Integrated

Book and manage all your appointments with your family physician or your specialist.